As the release date for the Play Station 5 is just around the corner, people are lining up at the doors to order the new edition of this gaming console. A few have wondered if purchasing the system would be worth it, considering the PS4 is only a few years old and still holds significant value in the lives of some. But word has it that there are ton new features when buying the PS5, not to mention the size that comes with it, it’s backwards compatibility, and built-in mic on the controller to serve as a quick and easy-to-use headset.

The weight of its entirety is much larger than the previous generation as well, coming out to 4.5kg with a bigger fan and more air ventilation making your system run smoother overtime and preventing it from overheating. This is great news for a lot of gamers, or myself included having my game crash a few times from overplaying throughout the day. This makes its size huge if you were to compare it to its predecessors.

The console comes with a stand and screw, enabling it to stand upright and to place the controller next to it which also helps with the circulation of air flow. A long with the new SSD, the loading is much faster and with the 120fps gameplay. The only few downfalls so far are that it doesn’t use a 1 or 2TB SSD, but an 825GB SSD instead which leaves people wondering why, and how this bulky system feels like it’s made of cheap plastic in some places. But all this is understandable if they wanted to cut back on costs.

The Duel Sense controller feels like a true leap forward into the world of gaming, even leaving myself contemplating whether I should purchase this gorgeous system. Even though I never bothered getting a PS4, those that have will not have to worry when carrying over their saved game play to the PS5 making this extra convenient.

If you are up for spending over $600 for when the system comes out, then all I can say is go for it. Sure, it’s a little more pricey than the previous versions of the play station, but with good reason; some of which I haven’t concluded in this article, but a lot falls down to personal experience which myself or anyone have yet to rate for when we get our hands on one.